Genome-based disease vulnerability test


HelloGene is a disease prediction personal genetic testing service.

HelloGene V.3.0

What's HelloGene?

Why do you need
genetic testing?

HelloGene is a personal genetic testing service that helps you customize your health by predicting disease.

Individual characteristics are contained in genetic information

Genes (DNA) contain information that can reveal individual characteristics, such as individual differences in risk for specific diseases and drug effects.

Disease causing factors

Disease is a combination of inherited genetic factors and manageable environmental factors.

HelloGene V.3.0

Why HelloGene?

Launched in 2010,

Asia's first gene analysis service, HelloGene

proven service

- Genetic testing proven reliable through 16 university hospital clinical trials
- Service Quality Certification through the Institute of Genetic Testing Evaluation
- ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) Certification
- Compliance with bioethics and safety laws

delivery management

- Automated Goods Receipt / Lab / Dispatch System
- Many years of skilled testing / management
- The latest equipment to test large samples at once

minimize the result error

- Minimize experimentation errors by duplicating all samples
- 3-step quality inspection (DNA extraction, analysis, verification of results)
- Use of proven probes

customer-friendly service

- Expertly designed outcomes reports catered for both staff and patients
- Largest number of inspection items in Korea
(about 400)

HelloGene V.3.0

Featured Upgrades

Analysis based on genetic-environmental interaction

- Present risk of disease linked to smoking
- Present risk of disease linked to obesity

Strengthen information provision for physicians

- Provides references for genetic testing results and genetic indicators used for testing
- Identification of the inspected gene with a unique gene identification number
- Increase in the number of dielectric indicators used for analysis per item

Strengthen information provision for patients

- Provide a lifetime prevalence index
- Follow-up recommendation based on disease prediction results

HelloGene V.3.0

HelloGene Service

Cancer [11 Types]

 A service composed of general and gender-specific cancers that are prevalent among Koreans and Asians. It is recommended for adults with a family history of cancer or for those who want to improve their quality of life through proactive prevention against cancer.

Common Disease [27 Types]

 A service composed of common diseases, excluding cancer, that are prevalent among Koreans. It is recommended for adults with a family history of common diseases or those who think that they could be especially vulnerable to these diseases.

Platinum Lite [38 Types]

A solid configuration that allows you to see the onset of cancer and common diseases at once. It is recommended for those who have a family history of cancer or common diseases or those who want to improve the quality of life through proactive prevention against disease.

Platinum [48 Types]

 A comprehensive health care service that provides information on drug reactions and physical traits such as alcohol and nicotine dependence, in addition to cancer and common diseases.

Noble [92 Types]

A one stop solution for VIP customers that covers all the services HelloGene offers, ranging from cancers to common and rare diseases.

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HelloGene V.3.0

How It Works

HelloGene V.3.0


Personal genetic analysis service FAQ and answers about HelloGene

 At this time, personal genetic information cannot be implemented outside of a medical institution based on the Bioethics and Safety Act, Chapter 4 Genetic Testing, Article 25, Paragraph 3 (Restrictions on Genetic Testing). Please visit a medical institution that provides HelloGene services to request for the service.

 No, HelloGene is available for all ages. However, minors under the age of 18 need written consent from their legal guardians

After DNA is extracted from the customers blood, an experiment is conducted to confirm whether or not the genetic mutation is present. Experimental results are interpreted and produced in report form through an automation system. The outcome report is sent to the referral hospital and can be consulted through a doctor.

 No, the amount of cells extracted from hair follicles or nails is limited, which makes it harder to obtain sufficient DNA information for HelloGene service. For accurate and precise analysis, HelloGenes service analyzes DNA information using blood as a principle.

HelloGenes DNA decoding has a 99.9% accuracy rate. In order to minimize the error rate, we carry out experiments twice for each sample to maintain highest accuracy.

HelloGene does not have a risk of personal information leak as the information is received by the hospital in an anonymous state. Genetic analysis results are stored in an anonymous security system that can only be viewed by security personnel.

 If all members of the family wish to use the personal genetic information service, then family history and inherited diseases information can be investigated all at once. Particularly for children, it is valuable to understand the genetic factors related to general health, diseases, and traits as a the genes are inherited from the parents.

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